Six Life Game Changers!

Anyone that knows me, knows that for years, I have pretty much served as my own Doctor. I love natural remedies, essential oils, the power of our mind and Spirit and am open to all kinds of alternatives and am willing to give most of them a try. I mean honestly, it’s amazing what a single bottle of Vicks vapor rub can accomplish in bringing relief to so many ailments.

I wanted to take a moment today to highlight six of my favorite Doctors. This list is not all inclusive, but I would most certainly rate these Docs as the best and most necessary to see and consult with on a consistent basis. Take a moment to think about them and how you might increase your interactions with each of them and the differences it might make in your life.

Doctor Sunshine – It is a proven fact that many people get depressed during the winter time, because of their not being able to “soak in the sun”. It is amazing what just a short ten minute break of just sitting and soak in a little Vitamin D will do for you. Make sure you spend some time in the light everyday. The kiss of the sun will awaken something inside of you that will shine outside of you.

Doctor Water – The Journal Of Biological Chemistry says that our brain and heart and made up of up to 73% water, our lungs up to 83% water, our skin up to 64% water, muscles and kidneys up to 79% and even our bones up 31%. Our human bodies are somewhere between 50%-75% water. the number fluctuates because most of us do not take in enough water. Since the body is around 60% water and we are constantly losing water from our bodies, we need to make sure that we are replacing this vital resource. Most health sources suggest that we drink eight – 8 ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters or a half a gallon. The best thing to do is sip on it all through out the day. I personally start drinking water first thing in the morning and use a 1 liter water bottle, to make it a little easier to keep up with the amount that I am drinking. Water drinking will increase your energy, improve your skin and help in so many different ways.

Doctor Rest – We are so busy and we often rush from one thing to another with very little opportunity to really rest in between. We need to build rest into our daily schedules, because it is amazing what a difference it can make in our productivity. There are a lot of ways that we can rest, a nap, listening to music, sitting in a chair, going for a walk and the list goes on and on. Just make sure that you build some time into your daily schedule to rest in whatever way works best for you.

Doctor Air – The air we breathe is literally what allows our blood to be oxygenated and what fuels and empowers our body to do all of the things that it is able to do. We take our breathing for granted and just because you are breathing, does not mean that your are breathing in the best and most effective way that you can. Here is one of my favorite breathing reset techniques called 4-7-8

Doctor Exercise – Exercise does not have to be complicated and it does not have to be difficult. Just get up, get out and get your body moving. Start small and grow it into whatever feels good for your body. I love walking and hiking, so I try to get outside and accomplish several goals with the same activity, that what we cal a win, win, win.

Doctor Diet – We hate that word – diet! Diet does not have to be a bad thing. It just means that we need to think about the food that we are putting into our bodies and realize that food and drink is fuel. Good fuel = good body. Bad fuel – bad body. What we put in our body has a direct impact on what we get out of our bodies. We some kind of exercise into your daily routine.

If you will get intentional in your relationships with these six doctors, they will make an amazing difference in your life and allow your life to make an amazing difference in the lives of others. Take some time to think about it plan for it and then enjoy the benefits and blessings – you will be glad you did!