You Were Created For More!

CreationYou were created for MORE!  It is great to be content, but I am not so sure that we were created to be satisfied in this human experience, because hunger is almost always a part of our lives.  And hunger is not a bad thing, it is actually the things that drives us to seek something better.

The problem is that we often want to take short cuts or we are willing to sacrifice what is best for what will do and this causes us to miss out on the greater blessing of the something more that we were created for.  Your Creator wants to bless you, so that you can be a blessing, because it is in the act of blessing that you move from humanity to divinity.

Don’t let what other people say about you influence who you are or what you do.  Instead, choose to live in the amazing power of what your Creator knows about you: that you are blessed and highly favored.  Situations and circumstances, good or bad are invitations to step out of the finite and into the infinite, which is what you were created for.

The only limits that we have to worry about, are the limits that we put on ourselves.  Remove the limits, run into the glorious future that your Creator allows you to create and live blessed!