Simple Jesus!

Simple And Sweet!

For the past year, I have been studying the life and teachings of Jesus.  What’s amazing to me, is how different he approached everything.  In almost every situation, he deals with things in the exact opposite way that we have been taught and trained to deal with things.  We spend so much energy and waste so much effort on planning strategy, developing schemes and creating systems.  We think we are so smart, but with all of our brilliance, we really have very little to show for it, if we are honest with ourselves.  And we really do need to be honest with ourselves.

I mean think about it, we have congregations, budgets, buildings, programs, ministries, groups, training on every possible subject and agenda on top of agenda.  But what is so different this year in our lives from last year?  If you were to stand before God in the next five minutes, what would you have to say about what you have to say?

Jesus had a single task – the task of sharing the Gospel with a lost and dying world.  Did he start a church?  No!  Did he organize a big outreach event?  No!  Did he have a meeting, elect officers and appoint assignments?  No!  Jesus did not do any of the things that we would do or have done.  Jesus simply got up and began to journey through the world that he lived in.  Every encounter was an opportunity to share the Gospel and in the sharing the spread naturally began to happen.

He did not call together the best and the brightest, but instead, he took whoever and whatever came his way and dealt with it by sharing love, grace and hope.  I think that Jesus knew what love, grace and hope could and would accomplish, especially in normal, everyday, challenged people.

Think about the messed up, rag-tag, group of disciples that gathered around him.  When these very human men and women began to live with Jesus and as Jesus, it changed their lives and enabled their lives to change others.  As they began to think the thoughts of Jesus and love with the love of a Savior and friend, the world was changed and they were the ones doing the changing.  The philosophy of Jesus was simple:  Do it, let others see the benefit and as they do it, others will see it and benefit and lives will be changed by God’s love, grace and hope.

We tend to forget that the heart of “one” can change the world.  It starts with Jesus, continues with us and grows through others!  Jesus is teaching me this very simple, but purposeful principle, one heart at a time and I can’t help but to live blessed.