Let Go Already!

It seems that the older we get, the harder it is to let go of things.  But we must learn to let go and the best way to learn is by practicing a little letting go everyday.  In order to let go, you have to trust that someone or something.  Letting go is not easy, but you cannot enjoy the peace that you were created to live in, with clenched fists.

As we learn that God has got this – whatever “this” is, then we will begin to relax and open our hands, so that we might take hold of some new and better things that He has in store for us.  All hell can be breaking loose around you, and you can be calm, cool and collected, if you can learn to “let go and let God!”

It is not the absence of strife that brings peace, it is the presence of our Creator in the midst of strife that brings peace and peace opens the door for blessings to flow.  Our Creator has promised that He will never leave us or forsake us, therefore we will never ever have to face anything alone, so we can let go of whatever we have allowed to become false security for us and grab hold of and enjoy the embrace of our Maker.

It is a blessing to know that every step of the way, He is holding my hand and leading me to live blessed!