Do Not Be Afraid!

Everyday I talk with people that are living through some of the most difficult times of the life.  One thing that life has taught me, is that almost none of us like trials, especially when we are in the middle of one.  But trials are not bad in and of themselves, unless we make the choice for them to be.  Trials can hinder us or help us, the choice is ours.

Next time you find yourself facing a trial, look at the trial as an opportunity to look to and trust in a higher power.  See the trial as an exercise that can develop your faith and grow it into a strong muscle that can work miracles.  We live in a time when man is having to face and fight some of the most fierce battles that we have ever been engaged in.

The enemy wants you to be paralyzed in fear.  If the enemy can keep you from moving forward, then he can keep you from the growth that you were created for.  Instead of allowing yourself to be immobilized by fear, take the opportunity to grow in your faith by trusting in the One Who created you and live blessed!

The Scriptures teach that if we will resist the devil, then he must flee (run away) from us.  We don’t need to be afraid of him, he needs to be afraid of us, because we are the ones that have unlimited power that flows from within.  Next time you find yourself in the midst of a trial, afraid and uncertain of which way to turn, turn toward your Creator and enjoy the warmth of His smile.

There is no condemnation for those that are in Him.  You have been judged by the only One that matters and through Grace, He has found you not guilty today and for all eternity.