Habits And Perception!

Almost everyday of my life I have the blessing of working with people that are in the midst of facing some of the toughest challenges of life.  Many of the people that I work with, find themselves at a difficult place because of a series of wrong choices, bad decisions and the curveballs of life.  The help that we are blessed with providing is not about a hand-out, but a hand up.  We really want to help ourselves and others take a step up into the better life of blessing that we were all created for.

One of the things that I encounter over and over again is how our choices lead to habits and habits turn into the life that we are living.  If we want to change the life we are living, then we must work on our choices and change our habits.

Do you have a habit you want to change or get rid of?  Is there something in your life that you have lived with that is keeping you from being and doing?  You can make excuses about that thing or those things, or you can do something about them, the choice really is yours.

Someone has said:  “Never underestimate your power to change yourself, never over estimate your power to change someone else.”  The key to getting rid of bad, destructive, self defeating habits is to change our thinking.  To change our wrong or bad habits, we must get rid of excuses and commit to change.

We were created in the image of our Creator, which means that we have the attributes of a creator, which promises that we have built within us, the ability to change the way we look at things and by changing the way we look at things, actually see the things we look at change.

Perception has the ability to alter and change the things within and without.  If we can fix, discipline and grow our perception, then faith will take us to places that we could never take ourselves.  I want to challenge you to think about the life that you were created for and if this is not the life that you are living, the face it and do what you have to do.  Go now, do it and live blessed!