No Approval Necessary!

We worry too much about what other people say or what other people think.  If we want to be who we were created to be, then we need to learn to live independent from the opinions of others.  It really does not matter if they love us or hate us, the issue comes when we make their assessments more important than the ones we have of ourselves.

Our reason for caring about what someone else thinks is based on the messed up system of trying to find favor from others.  Our reason for wanting the favor of others is to satisfy our need to obtain or live up to some man generated status.  It is our chasing after status that corrupts the flow and power of supernatural power that flows into and through our lives enabling us to live the life that we were created for.

Just be you, the you that you were created to be and stop worrying about trying to live up to everyone eles’s standards.  Status, titles and ego are all man-made things that get in the way of the real you, the inner you that is longing to flow out.

Life has it’s own way of working out the things that need to be worked out.  The approval you need will flow to you, as well as the disapproval.  When you work to achieve approval from man, then you make yourself a slave to man.  When you get disapproval, then you work that much harder for their approval.  All of this is looking to the outside for that which we need to be getting from the inside.

Outside living makes us dependent, which decreases and blocks the flow of a blessed life, while inside living makes us independent, which increases opportunity and allows the blessed life to flow freely.  

The bottom line is that ego – edging God out, will get you into trouble every time.  You are more than your flesh, you are spirit.  We give more attention to the physical than the spiritual and because of this, we miss out on much of the amazing part of life and living.

Get in touch with your spirit, who you really are and start to live from the inside-out.  Your life is filled with passionate and powerful thoughts.  When you learn to allow these thoughts to flow, you will begin to live a secure and blessed life.

You are not your physical body.  You are not what other people think or say.  You are spirit, made in the image of God.  Allow His Spirit to flow to and through your life.  Learn to see with His eyes and hear with His ears and you will walk in His footsteps and touch with His hands of love.  You will experience the amazing gift of really living, which is all about learning to live blessed.  Live blessed – it’s what you were created for.