The Renewed Mind!

Our minds are continually being bombarded with all kinds of different messages.  We can begin the day by putting the message in that we want to be there and thirty minutes later, we lose our precious message somewhere in the deluge of all the other stuff.  Often times this is the same ole tired stuff that we get day after day.  The stuff that discourages us with negativity that keeps us from moving forward in a positive and meaningful way.

This is why the Spirit wants to “renew our mind”.  Renewing the mind is an ongoing process, whereby the Spirit helps us to take on our normal way of thinking thoughts.  When our thoughts are allowed to flow freely, they have a tendency to flow in the direction of problems.  (Remember:  It’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease!)  As we think about and often dwell on our problems, there always seems to be one that will take our focus captive.  Once our problem has our focus, it is hard to shake lose.

Our focus being held captive by our problems creates another set of problems, mainly that our energy is drained and we tend to get stuck in a rut of negative thinking.  The real problem is that our focus is on our problem, instead of on our Spirit, who came to set us free.

The “renewed mind” is focused on the here and now.  The “renewed mind” knows, appreciates and makes the choice to live in the now moment.  When We train our mind to seek the Spirit in every moment and situation, we begin to see how the world was put together and this clarity leads us to a place of solution, which opens up our lives to the miraculous.

Remember:  You have to choice which allows you to decide where you mind is going to go and what your mind is going to do.  Let the Spirit renew your mind and you will enjoy life, because you will have discovered how to live blessed!