Simple Man!

Simple Man – That’s A Good Thing!

My Dad, David Harvell celebrated his 70th Birthday yesterday.  The following is a little something I wrote to share a little of what is in my heart for this man who God blessed my life with:

He was raised out in the country of Cheddar and there is no shame in that, because it is where he learned the basics that make him a kind, gentle and simple man. He was taught and learned the value of hard work and if a job is worth doing, then it’s worth doing right. This is more than a philosophy to him, it has been and is his creed – his way of living life right.

He does not just believe in God, He loves God with all of his heart and while he does not put on big displays of affection for others to see. He knows in his heart that God sees and God knows and that is more than enough.

He may seem kind of quiet at first, but if you listen, then you can hear his mind turning and churning all of the information that a life time allows a man to amass. He listens and he hears and he forms his own opinions, because that is what he was taught to do. And then he acts on behalf of what is best for all involved.

He is gentle in Spirit and firm in resolve. His goal is to do what is right in the sight of God and man will just have to live with that. He is a faithful husband, doing what most men never could or would by lovingly holding the guiding reins on the heart of one of those Davenport Girls. He is a loving Father to a son and a daughter. He taught them more through example than words, an example that always spoke so much louder than any words could have. He is a proud Grandpa or Pops as we like to call him and Grace, Hope and Will put a sparkle in his eyes and a dent in his after dinner naps.

He loves his community and serves it better than well. Most do not understand what they have in this man, who stands in the gap on their behalf. He is not a politician and was probably better at running from the law in his younger days with a fast car, than running for office, which so many want to make just a game. But he cares. He really does care about doing what is right and best, so he steps out of his comfort zone and does what needs to be done, bringing stability over the past several years to what could have been very unstable times.

Today we celebrate his seventy years upon this earth. Years full of challenge and blessing. Years full of growth and accomplishment. Years full of meaningful and on purpose living. Years full of glory for our Creator and Sustainer.

He is one of the greatest men I know and I have lived under the same roof with him and can tell you that the man on the street is the same man under the roof. A simple man – yes! And that is what makes him so special to all of us. Happy 70th Birthday Pops – we love you!