Look What The Lord Has Done!

Look What The Lord Has Done!

You don’t have to feel guilty about the blessing of God!  Blessing is what God does!  I have started to notice that a lot of people in this world will try to make you feel guilty about God’s blessing in your life.  When you start to live a faithful walk that takes you away from what people want you to be and into what God wants you to be, it makes people uncomfortable, because every time you experience success, they have to think about what they are not doing that they should be doing for God’s glory.  Rather than allowing the conviction to move them to obedience, they will often let it move them to justification or excuse making, which almost always ends up causing them to want to point the finger at you.

I know this, because I have observed it in my own life.  For a long time, I was doing good things, but not necessarily the right things.  When I would see someone else accomplish the supernatural, I would judge and make excuses.  The Spirit showed me, that this was really just an attempt on my part to cover up my unwillingness to step out on faith and obey.  God wants to bless everybody.  If God is blessing you, don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed, because anyone who judges you, has the same opportunity as you.  If they are not being blessed, it is usually because they have chosen to keep listening to the same self-defeating, self-justification self talk that has been holding them back from God’s will for years!

David said in Psalm 8:4-5  4 What is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?  5 You have made them a little lower than the angels and crowned them with glory and honor.  God has chosen to create you and God has chosen to bless you.  Blessing is the plan and work of God.  God crowns you with glory and honor, so that you can give glory and honor back to Him with your life and the way you live it!

God wants us to be an example of His goodness!  God does not bless because you deserve it.  God blesses because He is good and when we learn to live in His goodness, blessing is a natural part of what flows into and through our lives.  When God does bless us it paints a clear picture for the rest of the world:  If God can use me – He can use anybody!  The fact that God would use me and bless me, should not discourage, but encourage everyone around!

Another word about blessing:  When God blesses you – it is just the right size!  You don’t have to worry or wonder!  God knows you better than you know yourself and God is willing to do great things in and through your life, if you are willing to let Him.  God will not give you more than you can handle and God will not expect more out of you than you can give.

God works in every life that is willing!  You are the only excuse that matters!  If you can learn to deal with the excuse of you, then you will find that God’s blesses flow into and through your life and your life becomes powerful for giving God glory!  Figure this out, align your life and you will be glad you did!