What Do You Give To Someone Who Already Has Everything?

What Are You Doing With Your Star?

I was thinking about the Wise Men that we read about in Scripture and got to thinking about that question!  “What do you give to someone who already has everything?”  Who better to answer that question than the Creator of the Universe?  The Wise Men, Magi or Three Kings as we’ve come to know them would qualify in the category of being men who had everything.  They would certainly be hard to buy for!

God gave them a gift and it is interesting to see what that gift happens to be!  In fact the gift that God gives to them is a gift that keeps on giving.  God gave the wise men a star!  A star they could follow to find another gift – His Son, the Savior of the world.

The star gave the Wise Men an opportunity to give back!  They gave back by following the star, by telling others about the star and when the star came to a resting place to reveal the location of the Savior, the Wise Men bowed down, worshipped and presented gifts.

The Wise Men gave back and were blessed some more!  This is the way God and His blessings work.  He blesses us, so that we can give Him glory.  When we give Him glory, we receive even greater blessing, so that we can give Him even greater glory!

It is supposed to happen the same way in your life:  God gives you something and the something He gives you gives you an opportunity to give back and when you give back, then more blessing comes!  Take some time to think about all that God has given to you and how you are giving it back for His glory.  Look for ways you can improve and get better.  Take steps to appreciate what God has given to you, by living a life of giving glory to God and blessings to others!  You will be glad you did!