What Do You See In The Mirror?

What Do You See?

When I look in the mirror what do I see?  Is that a middle-aged man staring back at me?  Those eyes look familiar, so does that crook in the grin.  I see a man, who in many ways is still just a boy.  I see a boy who longs to be a man, but not just any man – God’s man.  I see the creation of God, fearfully and wonderfully made with amazing potential.

I see a sinner saved by grace.  I see a failure, who still somehow manages to succeed so that people’s lives are better and God is glorified.  I see a past that was well worth living and a future with a lot of question marks.

I see someone who is continuing to change, grow and develop as he faces the challenges, frustrations, disappointments and victories of life.  I see flesh that does continual battle with itself.  I look beyond the flesh and I see a heart that is tender, yielded and totally in love with its Creator.  I see that there is a lot more to see than meets the eye and I am thankful that God sees what He needs to see and with His love has placed great value on me!

I love you Lord and thank You for creating me.  It is the great joy and privilege of my life to serve You and I pray for Your strength, wisdom and anointing to serve you better today than I did yesterday, not so that I can enjoy success, but so that my life might bring glory to You – my Great God And King!