Powerful Emotions!

img000057Emotions are powerful things!  I am going to tell you something you know, but seldom really think about:  You can control your emotions or your emotions will control you.  Some of the emotions that we experience in life are negative and they seek to dominate and control us.  Fear, anger, frustration, lust and discouragement will turn you into a slave, if you are not careful.  These negative emotions eat at us, steal our joy and rob us of our peace.  Negative emotions are like a cancer, they seek to destroy everything they can.

God wants you to have positive emotions such as love, joy and peace!  Jesus Christ came and died on the cross, so that you could have love, joy and peace!  The Holy Spirit is active and alive right now, so that you can have love, joy and peace!  Don’t let the devil and the negative emotions of this life keep you from having, experiencing and living in all of the amazing power that God has for you.

You will have challenges and you will face hard and difficult times, but stay positive, trust God and you will discover that your courage and confidence in Him, will empower you to think, feel, act and experience victory – no matter what the circumstances!  Emotions do not have to be a bad thing.  We just have to learn how to use our emotions, rather than have them use us.

Here are a few things that you can do today to deal with your emotions:  1.)  Take some time to pray!  Just talk to God and tell Him what is going on in your life and how you feel.  He will not be surprised or caught off guard.  2.)  Make some time to listen!  Open your heart and mind and listen for what the Spirit of God is saying to you.  (The Bible is always a good resource in listening!)  3.)  Refocus your life!  Take what you have said to God and what God has said to you and get your life into alignment with Him!

God is who He says He is and you can trust in Him!

3 thoughts on “Powerful Emotions!”

  1. Thank You Preach for helping me come back to Reality.For My Emotions Can be for me or they Can Turn against me.And My Emotions Often Defeat Me.And Today I am Pulling for Victory.And I Will Not Settle for less.

  2. Love the picture. I always know that God in in Control no matter what but sometimes I do get in his way. We can’t let our emotions control us. I try to live in the joy that God has given me. Most of the time I do a pretty good job. The devils tries to get me down but I love to defeat him. Makes me feel so good. Thank you, MJ, for all your encouragement. You are SUPER!!

  3. Hey, I was back-tracking for some encouragement and you scared the daylights out of me! Just scrolling along and THAT!WHOA!
    I have always thought === Mark Lowery doesn’t have a thing on MJ Harvell! Your humor is something that just comes natural I can tell and it tears me up! I look around me and i see these solemn faces and think …….did they not get that , were they not listening or do they think you arent suppose to laugh in church?
    You could be a Christian comedian with no trouble at all and u also sing like Mark Lowery(well almost)j/k!
    It just makes you more real and easy to relate to………..dont like those stiff preachers(just my preference to have a crazy one–I can relate real well!)
    Anyway, I was encouraged after I got over my scare. Emotions are such a huge part of our lives and sometimes we try to distinquish what is what…..I do know that thru tough times those negative ones can jump on you,,,,but God has brought me quite a ways on this too. He had a lot to deal with at one time because NEGATIVE or down and out came toooooo easy for me.Now I look at it differently!I praise His NAME that I (with HIM) can take things more with a grain of salt…He has helped me tremendously in this area..Negativity stunts your growth as a Christian and I was going thru a time that I couldnt see the positive……then I realized THE PLAN HE HAS FOR ME!Don’t know what it is and sometimes I wonder if I have to go thru these things to get there but………..HE KNOWS BEST AND I BELIEVE IT!
    No more weird faces pls.

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