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Three Steps To Funk Free Living!

If LIfe Stinks - Do Something About It!
If LIfe Stinks – Do Something About It!

John Miton said:  “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.”  We like to play the blame game, but the blame game only keeps us in the prison of our own creation.  The truth most of the time, is that we are where we are and how we are, because this is the choice we have made.

If you are not happy, then it is because you have made a choice not to be happy.  If you are miserable, then it is because you have made a choice to be miserable.  You get to decide in every moment, what your response is going to be to that moment and you are the only one that can decide for you.

Instead of wasting energy, playing the games that just continue to get us nowhere, why not give a few of these ideas a try to see if they will not help to take your life to a better place?

1.)  Live In The Here And Now!  Yesterday is over and tomorrow is not guaranteed!  Usually when we are living in unhappiness, it is because we are dwelling on the past or anxious about the future.  The problem is that this robs us of the enjoyment of the here and now.

2.)  Practice “It Is What It Is” Living!  It is the thoughts about our situations, not our situations that make us unhappy.  Change your thoughts and magically your situations begin to follow the direction of your thinking.  You can argue with reality all day long and still lose the argument!

3.)  Take Responsibility!  It is true that happiness is a choice and you are the one that has the ability to do something about the thoughts that you are thinking.  Stop playing the blame game, take responsibility and enjoy the life that you have right now, right here in this very special moment.