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King Of Kings!

matthewYou do not want to miss Worship this coming Sunday morning.  We are beginning a new series of messages that will help us to focus on, know and share Jesus as the King of Kings.  Our ultimate goal is to walk through the Gospel of Matthew – verse by verse.  We will begin this Sunday morning by seeking to understand God’s plan and His amazing work of REDEMPTION!

If you have ever wondered who the devil is, where he came from and how you can have victory over him, then you do not want to miss.  If you have ever tried to figure out and understand what God is up to and why does He care, then you don’t want to miss.  This is going to be one of the most amazing times of learning in the life of our church.  I hope that you will join us and plan on bringing some friends – lives will be changed!

Also for those of you that don’t have a small group – Pastor’s Boot Camp is every Sunday morning at 8:45 AM.  If you have been thinking about joining us – then come on out Sunday morning as we jump into some new material!  We have been having a blast and it is a great group of friends and a very diverse group of people.  Just ask someone to show you where the Pastor’s Boot Camp is meeting!  I look forward to spending some personal time with you this Sunday.

I hope that your weekend is filled with rest, refreshment and revival!