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I Will Save You!

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You are never alone!
I have warmth and light for your world!
I will raise your chin with my gentle touch and will lift
away the darkness with the illumination of My Presence!
I hear you!
Your cries have moved me!
I want you to know that I am real – experience Me!
I created your heart!
I know exactly how to put it back together!
I will fill you with Myself!
Rest, sleep, dream!
Awaken to visions of a new river of hope
that flows into and through your life!
Listen for the song of grace that I sing!
Enjoy My whisper of sweetness!
Open your eyes and see that life is full of opportunity and blessing!
I will save you!
I created you to be rescued by Me!
You will do more than survive!
You will thrive as you trust in Me!

Who Will Save Me?

Sometimes I feel all alone in this cold, dark world.
I try to keep my chin up,
but the weight of darkness is more than I can handle!
I call for help, but no one responds.
They hear my voice, but pretend that I don’t exist!
My heart is broken into a million pieces.
My body is a walking, talking empty shell!
I am tired and weary.
I lay here with random thoughts dripping
through my mind like a leaking faucet!
The silent noise is more than I can stand.
I shout, but nothing comes out.
I close my eyes, but life keeps going!
Who will save me?
Is there anyone to come to my rescue?
If I survive the next minute, I guess we will see!
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