God Wants To Change Your Life!

God wants to change your life! He really does want to change your life! And if you knew, could understand or come close to grasping the change that He has in store for you, then you would embrace the change and be amazingly excited about what your life is about and where your life is going!

Most of us do not like change, but we know that we need it and we often even want it, but are not willing to open our lives to change, because the change that comes might not be the change that we think we desire or want.

God wants to change your life and change it in an amazing way, but you have to have faith. We have to trust Him! If we’ll trust Him, then He can and will do amazing things! Open your heart, soul and mind to God. Trust Him – you’ll be glad you did!

What Do You Do When You Have A Problem?

Let The Water Flow!

It has been one of those crazy weeks, when everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.  I was going to cut my grass, but the tires were flat on the lawn mower.  I went to pump them up and discovered that the valve stem was bad.  I went to the store to buy a new valve stem and they were out.  I went to another store to buy a valve stem and they were out.  I finally found a valve stem, went home, changed it out, pumped up the tires and began to cut the grass.

As I was cutting grass, I noticed that I had a rather large mud puddle in my front yard.  What makes this really strange is that we have not had any decent rain amounts in since I don’t know when.  Upon closer examination, I discovered that when my house was built they ran the water lines right beside two big ole trees.  The roots of the trees had attacked the water supply line and the tree was enjoy the water that should have been going into my home for me and my family to enjoy.

What I thought was going to be a minor repair, ended up requiring that we replace the whole water line from the road to the house.  We got that taken care of and were looking forward to no more worries, until we cut the water on and after a few seconds of good flow, discovered that we had almost no flow!  It seems that when the line was replaced, some trash got in the line and caught in the pressure regulator which stopped up the flow.

All of this kind of junk is the kinda stuff that most of us will allow to stop us dead in our tracks.  We get frustrated, angry, discouraged, mad and despondent, when what we need to do is realize that this is life and that which does not kill us, will make us stronger!  Every step of the way, I kept reminding myself that God is in control and has a plan – a plan that I do not want to miss out on!

Being a Christian is not easy!  God never promised that it was going to be easy.  God promised that He would be with us and that He would never leave us or forsake us.  In fact, I have noticed that during the tough times of life, I get more dependent upon God and more open to whatever plan He has for my life.

So, the next time you have a problem, just remember this:  Your problem is God’s opportunity to prove Himself real and active in your life! Don’t have a bad attitude.  Have a good attitude, knowing that as you trust God through this tough time, He is going to grow you in an amazing way for His glory and everyone’s blessing!


Want Real Peace?

I used to think that peace was getting your life to a place where you did not have to face any storms, or at least it was a place where the storms were not that big. I have discovered that this is the world’s definition of peace and I had bought into it.

We work so hard to get our lives lined up in a “just so certain” way, because we have convinced ourselves that if we can get life to line up just right, then we will have peace – “the absence of conflict” according to the world. The truth is: It does not really matter how lined up I think I have my life, I am always going to be going into, in the middle of or coming out of a storm. Let’s face it – storms are a reality of life, they cannot be avoided and they don’t have to be a bad thing.

Peace is not the absence of the storm, but the presence of the Master. Peace is knowing that you do not face the storm alone and in your own strength. God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in our time of need. (Psalms 46:1) Next time you find yourself in storm, don’t focus on the storm. Focus on the One Who is with you in the midst of the storm! Focus on the amazing reality that you have a Savior who loves you, Who you get to love back and you will discover a peace that cannot be understood or explained!


This month at Northwood we have been taking a look at Spiritual Warfare! Last week we looked at Angels and their ministry to us and around us. This week we took a look at the schemes of Satan and his Demons. When I finished sharing the message at the second service, one of our young people came up to me and asked: “So what do you think Angels and Demons are doing if they are in the same place at the same time?” We both agreed that they are not just sitting there looking at each other, but are most likely engaged in warfare. The thing that amazed him, was the realization that all of this can be going on all around us in the spiritual realm and we can be totally oblivious to it all here as we live our lives in the physical.

As Believers we need to remember that Spiritual Warfare is a very real thing! Just because you can’t see it with your physical eyes does not mean that it does not exist. It does exist and it is going on in your life, and even while you can’t always see it, you can feel it, if you are paying attention. The good news is that while the enemy is very active, so also is God and the forces of Heaven and we have the promise of the Word that the enemy has already been defeated.

Wake up to the reality that spiritual warfare is going on and you are often smack dab in the middle of it! Don’t be oblivious to the fact that God loves you, has an amazing plan for your life and intends for you to win over the enemy. When you and I win – God get’s glory! Look to Him, live for Him and love the life that he has blessed you with!

Look For The Opportunity!

I have already had the opportunity to be a blessing to several people this morning! Just little things, but pretty cool in the grand scheme of things. I have not had to go out of my way or really make any special effort and it has not cost me a great deal of money or required a lot of my time.

I am not really sure why, but as I have moved from one place and event to another this morning, I have been presented with these opportunities to be a blessing to others and as I have taken advantage of the opportunity to bless – I have been blessed in return!

When I stopped for just a minute to grab a quick bite to eat, I could not help but think about how in a few short hours, God has already worked in my life and allowed my life to work in the lives of others to bring glory to Him and blessing to myself and others.

There are opportunities all around us. Let’s look for them today and take advantage of them. It will make our day and our life better! Hang in there, keep it real, have a great weekend and enjoy the blessing!

Preacher Boy!

Making An Impact!

I had the opportunity a couple of months ago to go and celebrate with my Pastor and friend Dr. “Cool Hugh” Cooper. We were celebrating his serving the Lord in ministry for 50 years. People from all of the churches that he had served through the years, showed up for a fun time of reminiscing, food and fellowship. I was honored that I was able to be there, because I had often heard him refer to me as one of his “preacher boys!” I hope that my being in ministry now for over 20 years as a “preacher boy” brings glory to the Lord and honor to my Pastor.

On my ride home, I thought about Dr. Cooper and all of the influence and impact that he has had on my life. As a teenager, he helped me to figure out and understand God’s calling upon my life. As a “minister in training” he gave me opportunities to preach, teach and participate in ministry. He helped me and my bride to tie the knot. And he has always been a source of encouragement and a great example to my life and ministry. Thank you Dr. Cooper! I love you and appreciate you and thank you for being my pastor and friend!

Tonight at Northwood, one of my “preacher boys” is going to be preaching! Jonathan Pearson came to Northwood as a young teenager and it has been a joy for me to watch as God has worked in his life and through his ministry. God has already done an amazing work in his life and I know that God has even greater things in his future. I am looking forward to his sharing with us tonight. I love you Jonathan and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life and ministry and for being a part of mine!

My writing today makes me feel a little old, but more than old, it makes me feel thankful. Thankful for those who have influenced my life and thankful for those that allow my life to influence theirs! God is good all of the time! G3! Give God Glory!