Old Well At Campbell's Covered Bridge!

Old Well At Campbell's Covered Bridge!

This Sunday I will be preaching the second message in our Matthew series.  We will be taking a look at the genealogy of Jesus recorded in Matthew 1:1-17.  All week long as I have been studying and preparing for this message, I have just had an overwhelming sense of God’s Grace!  

I don’t deserve any of the good that God has allowed me to experience and share!  I deserve – well I don’t even want to get into what I deserve, because it ain’t pretty!

If we are all honest – God is better to us than we deserve!  Take some time before Sunday to think about God and His grace and how it has made a difference in your life.  Also take some time to think about how you can open up your life to receive and appreciate more of God’s grace!

I hope to see you at one of our two campuses on Sunday!  Grace to you – until then!