People Matter!

My Daughter Grace & My Cousin's Daughter Rayna!

My Daughter Grace & My Cousin's Daughter Rayna!

Sorry for being a little late posting this morning.  I was at the hospital to the wee hours of the morning this morning.  I then ran into the office and got a few things together that they have to have from me for the weekend services and now I am at another hospital visiting with another family.  I stepped away for a few minutes so that I could share a quick update and a few words of encouragement.

Someone asked me the other day:  “Why do you work so hard to try to be there for everybody?”  They then went on to explain that I am not a small church pastor, but that I act like one.  At first, I was not real sure how to take what they were saying, but I think on some level it must have been a compliment.

God has been very good to me by allowing me to lead a growing and meaningful ministry.  He allows me to preach in multiple services in two very beautiful facilities to some of the most wonderful people that you could ever want to meet.  He has given me a team that works hard to help me to accomplish the things that He is laying upon my heart.

When I began to understand that God was calling me into ministry, I was excited about the fact that I would have the opportunity to touch and make people’s lives better with my life.  Ministry would not be ministry for me, if I could not have personal and meaningful interaction with the people that I minister to!  People are people and sometimes people can be messy, mean and selfish, but we are all still God’s creation and we all matter!

I don’t have to make myself care about people.  I don’t have to make myself love people.  I care and love because that is what I got from Jesus.  Caring and loving people is a natural part of who I am.  I just do it because Jesus does it for me!  Jesus has done it for you too and if you will let Him, He will do it through you!

I hope this encourages you to love and be loved today!