Listen – Can You Hear That?

Dogwood Flower At My Granny's House!

Dogwood Flower At My Granny's House!

Sunday, I had the opportunity to go and spend a few moments at my Pa’s old place.  It’s just a little house out in the country with a couple of barns and an old outhouse.  While I was there standing on the edge of the field, I was amazed by what I heard:  NOTHING AND YET EVERYTHING!  Nothing like all of the noise that I have grown used to trying to drown out of my life and everything that I needed to hear to bring me to a place of peace.  There were no sounds of traffic, hustle or bustle.  Only the sound of the breeze blowing through the trees and some geese flying into a distant pond.  I appreciated the moment and it reminded me of the importance of having more of those moments!

Yesterday, I spoke with and challenged our staff to take some time for meditation!  We live in a world that is filled with noise and with all of the noise it is hard to hear the still small voice of God.  All of the noise seems to put us in a state of constant hurry and this causes us to run past so many wonderful things that God has for us.  We need some time and quiet for God to do His act of re-creation in us.  This is what meditation is about!  Meditation is our opportunity to step out of the hustle, bustle and noise of life and get into the presence of the One who can do something about making our lives better and more fulfilling.

When we meditate – we listen to God, think about what God is up to and how He is working.  We remind ourselves of His faithfulness to our lives in the past and know that He is in our present and will be faithful in our future.  This time of seeing, hearing and knowing God helps us to see, hear and know ourselves and allows us to discover the areas of our own life that need a special touch.

Take some time at some point today to step away from it all and get into His presence!  It will make your life better!  I am praying for you today – that you experience God in a powerful and life changing way!  God Bless & Press On!