Jesus said in Matthew 15:  “What comes out of your mouth reveals what is in your heart!”  This is such a powerful statement!  Think about it:  Whatever is in you is coming out of you and whatever comes out of you is going to reveal what is really in you!  Have you ever taken the time to really listen to yourself?  What are you saying and what is (what you are saying) saying about you and the condition of your heart?  I don’t really know about you, but I know that I’ve got some work to do!

I want to share just one more thought before I go to work on myself.  Not only do we need to be concerned with what is coming out, but we need to also pay attention to what we are putting in.  Think about the destructive words that you allow into you heart and mind everyday through radio, television, gossip and just general conversation.  We need to do all that we can to cut out this destructive stuff.  And we need to make sure that we are filling ourselves with the positive stuff of God and His Word.

It really is a simple equation:  My Life – the bad/negative/physical/self + the good/positive/spiritual/Godly = Power & Blessing!  Let’s get rid of the bad stuff of this world and replace it with the good stuff of God, so that when something does come out of us – it gives God GLORY!