The Bible says that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen!  We mess faith up when we put it in a person or thing that it was never intended to be placed in.  Faith was created by God and for God!  We need to put our faith in God, His power and His will!  I believe in people and I, often times believe in them so much, that I put my faith in them – the problem is this:  When I put my faith in people, I take away from my faith in God!  I need to keep my faith, all of it – in God!  Every time that I put my faith in people, I am let down and disappointed.  I am expecting way to much!

We need to love people, walk with people and grow in life together with people, but we need to keep our Faith in God and His will for our lives!  People will let you down, not because they mean to, just simply because they are people.  God will never let you down, and He will always be available to pick you up, if you will just have faith in Him!  Trust God and He will provide the faith that you need to keep trusting Him every moment of every day!